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It All Started Out Innocently Enough


My husband, Carl (or the Great Enabler as I like to think of him), and I stopped at Wal-Mart late in the afternoon on April 1st, to drop off a prescription and to pick up a few things. After arriving, I realized I’d left the prescription at home, so we decided to continue on with our shopping and return with said prescription afterward.

Just before checking out, I “just happened” to stop by the yarn aisle to see if there was anything new. The shelves had been pretty bare the last time I was there, so I was pleasantly surprised to find the shelves were well-stocked…and…well…there was a SALE! On Yarn!

First_2_HaulsI bypassed the dishcloth cotton (also on sale), but went straight for the jumbo-sized skeins of Bernat Baby Sport ( 8.5 oz variegated, 10.5 oz solid) which were selling at half the manufacturer’s retail Web price and at least $2 less than I had seen it on sale for in our local craft stores. It’s also the yarn I’m currently using to work on some baby blankets, so it was a deal that was just too good to pass up. While it’s true that I don’t actually “need” yarn, and I still have loads of this particular yarn in my stash…ummm…there was this SALE. ON YARN!

Third_HaulLast week, I had to run an errand that took me within a few blocks of Wal-mart. (Do you see where this is going?) I could feel the yarn calling to me and stopped in once again, hoping that they had re-stocked the baby blue yarn. At that point, I’d saved so much money on this yarn, that I didn’t even care if it was still on sale. It was, but they were still out of baby blue. So, not wanting to go away empty-handed, this happened.

(Something tells me I’ll be making baby blankets until I’m 105.)

After figuring it all up, I paid slightly less than half of the Web price, with a total savings of almost $141.00! And, when comparing it against the lowest price I’ve seen it sell for locally, I still saved almost $57.00…both of which are significant savings no matter how you look at it.

I know…I know. Who buys that much yarn at a time? Well, if you’re a working designer you do, particularly if you have an idea for multiple projects in the same yarn. And, I also do charity crochet when I have time.

A big thanks to Carl, who I nominate for “Good Sport of the Year.” He detests shopping, but was with me for all 3 trips. He almost never complains when I buy yarn (probably figures it wouldn’t do any good, anyway…lol). I think it has reached the point where he doesn’t care what I buy as long as I get it in the cart quickly so we can leave. I can work with that!

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