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NatCroMo 2015 and Catching Up


Orange Rose
Whoa… It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter for many of us here in the US and, like most of you, I’m tired of winter and ready for warm sunny days and the color explosion that happens as my flowers begin to make their appearance. Since neither of those things has happened yet, I’ll console myself for now with this photo of one of my roses taken a couple of years ago. It’s one of my favorites!

Catching Up
In my last 2 posts (has it really been so many months ago?), I wrote about the charity challenge I’d been working on for the children in the school my daughter, Liz, works at. I had the hats completed and was waiting for a sunny day to do the photography, but the sun went on vacation while gray skies and cold weather moved into the Midwest a little early this year. With chilly temperatures suddenly upon us, it became more important to get the hats to the children than it was to wait for a sunny day to do photography. So, I sent the hats off to school with Liz sans additional photographs. There were approximately 17 in a variety of styles, enough for every child in her class.

Each child was allowed to choose which hat he or she wanted. Afterward, Liz took photos of the children wearing them. They were so cute! And, they all wrote me thank you notes that really touched my heart. (I’d love to share the photos here, but can’t for the sake of the children’s privacy. I’m sure you understand.) Liz reports back, though, that the children wear their hats to school nearly every day. Yay—mission accomplished! What I put into this project was a little time and a small amount of yarn. What I got out of it was a great deal of satisfaction knowing that all those little ones had something to keep them warm.

NatCroMo 2015
Don’t forget it’s National Crochet Month! Hop on over to Crochetville and join in on their annual blog tour fun! My spot on the tour comes up on March 27th. I’ll have a free pattern for you, so don’t miss it!


  1. LOVE your work, came here to comment for the Crochetville giveaway and discovered crochet work of beauty – so glad to have found you!!!

    • Thank you so much! It’s lovely comments like yours and the others I’ve been receiving today that help make me want to continue doing what I do. 🙂

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