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Charity Challenge: Part 2


My progress on the hats for the children at my daughter’s school is coming along nicely (if I do say so myself) with 11 hats completed and another almost finished. With only 3 more needed to meet my goal of 15 hats by September 1st, I should finish easily. Just thinking of all the little heads that will be warmer this winter because of these hats makes me happy.

School Hats 1-4

School Hats worked in a variety of #4 yarns.

Although a succession of  overcast days has made photography difficult, I do have the first 4 photos ready to show you, all of which were made using #4, worsted weight yarn. They are a slight adaptation of the Inauguration Chapeau by Ellen Bloom. It’s a sweet little hat and works up quickly with less than a 4-oz skein of yarn. It’s great to help use up those odd skeins left over from other projects. One of the things I love best about it is that each of the 12 ribs serves as a reminder to increase, so there isn’t much need to count stitches or use stitch markers, making it a perfect project for working in front of TV. In fact, I recommend this pattern for a variety of charity projects, since the pattern is so easily adapted to any size.

Hat #1

Hat #1: Red Heart Strata (discontinued)

I chose not to put the bow on the hats since I don’t know yet whether the recipients will be boys or girls, and not having the bow gives it a little more flexibility. I do confess to putting a flower on one of the hats not yet photographed, though!

I don’t work with variegated yarns often, although I do love them. Watching the color patterns play out is always such fun. I really like the different color combinations that Red Heart Strata offered, too. Even though it is no longer available, you can get similar results with the Red Heart Super Saver variegated yarns.

Hat #2

Hat #2: Lion Brand Jamie 4 (discontinued)

I bought this yarn in Atlanta many years ago and never found just the right place for it before it was discontinued. But, I do love the color, and it would look great on either a little boy or girl. Lion Brand Jamie 4 can also be replaced by Red Heart Super Saver or any other #4 medium weight yarn that will yield a similar gauge.

Hat #3

Hat #3: Red Heart Strata (discontinued)

Here’s another hat worked in Red Heart Strata. I really like the stripes that formed as I switched from double crochet for the body of the hat to single crochet for the brim.

Hat #4

Hat #4: Red Heart Super Soft (discontinued)

The 4th hat is worked in Red Heart Super Soft. I’m sorry to see this yarn line go. The skeins were large and the yarn is soft, but an excellent replacement for this yarn is Red Heart Soft.

Since today was yet another of our overcast days, I’m concentrating for now on finishing the 12th hat and possibly starting another. The rest of the photos will be up as soon as the sun decides to come out of hiding.


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