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Horse AfghanThe other day, I was digging around in my studio and came across this afghan I’ve been meaning to photograph for some time. I have always loved afghans in general but, when I came across this one in a thrift store almost 15 years ago, my heart skipped a beat.

I actually acquired the pattern for it many years before I found the afghan itself, and I always thought I’d like to make it. But, my own design career kept me busy, and I never did attempt it. Now that I have this one, I most likely never will, choosing instead to admire the one I already have.

In the grand scheme of things, I have seen more elegant afghans with color schemes that are more suited to today’s decor, but there are several things that I admire so much about this oHorse Afghan2ne. The sheer scope of it is mind-boggling. Once the dense, crocheted background is completed, the embroidery would take nearly as long to complete as the basic afghan. The design itself is brilliant. Flowers are one of the design elements that are closest to my heart, and I have been in love with horses all of my life. I’ve even owned a few. As you can see by the date in the lower right-hand corner, this afghan is quite old. I was a small child at the time it was created, well before I learned to crochet. At 55 years of age and made of wool, it is in very good shape.

What saddened me is the value the thrift store placed on it…a mere $12.00! I wish I knew who created it but I hope whoever she is, wherever she is, she somehow knows that I greatly admire and appreciate her work.


  1. FYI This design may be very old. A picture and the directions to make it first appeared in the Spring-Summer 1953 edition of McCall’s Needlework magazine. The afghan pictured had a date of Nov. 12th, 1875. That is what made me think the design is quite old. Later, in the Fall-Winter 1969-1970 edition of McCall’s, you could order a leaflet #746-NB. My mother made this afghan in the mid 1950’s and it was done in wool because there were no synthetics. She gave it to me and I have since passed it on to my daughter. I am in the process of making one for myself out of orlon acrylic. I started this afghan sometime in the early 70’s and was over 3/4 done. I was raising children and then went to work full time. The afghan has been waiting many years for me to finish it. I dug it out yesterday and am determined to finish this year.
    I just thought you might like to know a little about it and you did get a very good deal on your purchase.

    • Judy, thanks for your comment. That’s very interesting! I knew it was at LEAST from the 1950s, but had no idea it could go back as far as 1875! The afghan I have is also made out of wool. I would love to have it professionally hung on my living room wall, but I get a lot of afternoon sun and am afraid it would fade. So, for now, I’ll keep it tucked safely away until I can find a place to display it without damaging it. Yes, I remember the leaflet, and I also have it in a hardcover book of about the same vintage, as well.

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