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Fall Colors



Fall is my favorite time of year, and the beautiful colors of the season are just beginning to show up here in my part of the Midwest. Our local weatherman says it will probably be another week or two until it reaches its’ full potential, so I have satisfied myself in the meantime by adding a little crocheted color to my screened porch. The weather is still mild, so I’m looking forward to at least a little more porch-sitting before the cold north winds drive us inside.

The quick–to-stitch mat shown here is not one of my designs. I found it many years ago in one of the small Annie’s magazines. I have long-since misplaced the pattern, but I’ve made it so many times (and in many different colors) over the years that I no longer need to refer to it.

Placemat While I love intricate, lacy doilies, I also enjoy the nearly instant gratification provided by a mat such as this made of worsted weight yarn for a quick pop of color. Although I can’t direct you to the exact publication for this particular pattern, you can do the same thing with any of the small doily or coaster patterns that are readily available. There are only 11 rounds in this particular pattern, 2 of which are single crochet. Worked with a size H/8/5.00mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver yarn, it measures 12″ across.


  1. beautiful… one day soon, I will try my first doily!!!

  2. Tess, if you haven’t ventured into thread crochet yet, a great way to start out is to practice with yarn.

    Good luck!

  3. I am just beginning to learn to crochet where can I get the pattern for this mat at thank you.

    • The mat pattern is from one of the small magazines published by Annie’s. It was published so long ago that I no longer remember which one. You might show them the picture and ask them if they remember it. I’m estimating that the pattern is at least 15 years old and possibly older. Good luck!

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