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Using Up Yarn Scraps (Part 2)


Magic_BallThere are so many things you can make from leftover yarns. The list I included in the last entry, Using Up Yarn Scraps (Part 1), was only the tip of the iceberg. Whole books have been dedicated to covering the subject, so I will restrict my suggestions to the few things that I personally like to use them for, listed in no particular order.

Magic Ball
If you are not already aware what a magic ball is, it’s simply a lot of yarn scraps tied together with 4”-6” yarn ends dangling. The rather messy photo at left is one example, although for this one I have crocheted my scraps into chains and then tied them together, which makes a heavier yarn. My intent is to crochet it into a rug for my garage when it gets large enough, so I don’t particularly care whether I like the color combinations that I have used. You can let the yarn ends dangle when you crochet it into whatever you are making, or you can crochet over the ends as you work. I will likely use single crochet when I make the rug, which makes concealing the ends super easy if I decide to do that.

Granny Squares
There are tons of decorative afghan designs available. I’m even “guilty” of designing many of them. However, granny square afghans will always remain among my favorites, and they are a perfect way to use up scraps of yarn. Granny squares can be made into practically anything, including bookmarks, afghans, clothing, purses and totes, scarves, pillows and many other things.

Be sure to check out Using Up Yarn Scraps (Part 3) which will be coming soon.


  1. I love the magic ball idea with a long chain and making a thick rug out of it later – nice!

    I finally decided on a project for my leftover sock yarns a few days ago – 4″ mitered squares. I’m like you and just can’t bear to toss leftover yarn!

    Thanks for sharing the jar cozy pattern too. 🙂

    • Pam, I’m glad you enjoyed the Magic ball idea and the Jar Cozy pattern! I like your mitered square idea, too. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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