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Sneak_peekAlthough our winter has been relatively mild this year for the Midwest, it is beginning to feel like it has gone on forever. I’m so ready for spring! Too many cloudy, overcast days have me longing for bright blue skies with lots of sunshine and all of the fresh colors of spring and summer. However, since our weather forecast calls for more cold weather and cloudy skies, I’ve been consoling myself by playing with some brightly colored yarn.

I have always loved bright colors. Looking around my office the other day, I realized that for someone who designs crochet patterns for a living, it is seriously devoid of any crochet-type decorations, except for whatever project(s) I may be working on at any given time. So, with the aforementioned brightly colored yarn at hand, I decided to brighten up my space a bit. The photo pictured at left is a cross-section of a free design that I will unveil on March 27th, the date that my spot on A Tour Through Crochet Country comes up. In the meantime, please enjoy the other blogs on the tour, but remember to come back here on the 27th to see this design and anything else I may have in store for you!

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