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Stitches Midwest 2012, Part 1


On Friday, August 1Kathleen Sams, Red Heart Ambassador0th, my husband, Carl, and I headed out in the early morning bound for Stitches Midwest in Schaumburg, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Our mission? To meet up with old friends, make new ones, pet the yarn and just generally have a good time. (And oh, yeah…did I mention petting the yarn?)

Our expectations were high, and we were not disappointed! While there were many great booths and gorgeous yarns in the market, two stood out as my absolute favorites.

First up was the Red Heart/Crochetville booth, manned by long-time friends Kathleen Sams and Bobbie Matela from Red Heart; Tammy Hildebrand from Hot Lava Crochet; and new friends Amy Shelton from Crochetville and her sister, glass artist Julie Mitchell from Paradox Art Glass. There was a whole lot of FUN going on in that booth, and at times it was so mobbed that Carl and I stepped away to let eager shoppers inside the booth. What a blast we had, and the yarn literally flew off the shelves! (If you’re wondering if some of it came home with me, the answer is YES!)

Tammy Hildebrand and Bobbie Matela

By the way, if you haven’t checked out the Red Heart yarns lately, do yourselves a big favor and do it asap. They have to-die-for yarns at fantastic prices, just one of many reasons they will always remain at the top of my go-to list for yarns. Red Heart truly “gets it” when it comes to producing spectacular yarns at reasonable prices. Go Red Heart! And the hooks… I must confess that I am a die-hard Susan Bates hook fan. I have a wide collection of fancy and unique hooks but there are none that I treasure as much as my inexpensive workhorse Susan Bates hooks. I have been crocheting and designing with them for many years.

Camera Wars


Next time, I will tell you about mystery booth number two, my other favorite booth. But, until then, here’s one last photo taken at the Team Red Heart/Crochetville booth that gives you a sneak peak into some of the fun we had there. I call this photo “Camera Wars.” Kathleen is taking a photo of Carl who is taking a photo of Kathleen while Tammy stands off to the side taking a photo of them both. Me? I’m standing to one side because my other camera is in the booth. It didn’t occur to me until too late to whip out my camera phone.

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