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Welcome to my new blog!

Way back when I first began blogging, I didn’t really have a purpose other than putting down some random thoughts and sharing my love of all things crochet. As time passed, I felt compelled to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way about being a crochet designer. Although there are many other designers now doing the same thing, our experiences often differ. I think it’s important that we share our knowledge to help our industry grow. When I was learning how to become a designer more than 25 years ago, there were no blogs, no Internet, no written instructions regarding breaking into a design career and very little help from those already in the industry. Most of what I have learned came from plain old trial and error and one very kind editor from Leisure Arts, Barbara Rondeau.

Barbara took me, my husband, my then-business partner, Carol Alexander, and her late husband, Richard, to lunch at a trade show (ACCI, now known as CHA) when we were first getting into the business. Our time with her was limited to just that lunch, but it meant a lot to me. She packed a wealth of information into that short time, but what I remember most are these two things: 1) As you gain knowledge along the way, pay it forward… and 2) Consult the J.C. Penney catalog when considering color choices for the upcoming year. They spend millions on color forecasting.

I took her advice seriously. I have always tried to help new designers along the way, and she was spot on about J.C. Penney being a great guideline to color forecasting. I’ve used that tip to help guide my color choices ever since. Of course, I know that with the Internet becoming a daily part of our lives now, there are other online sources for color forecasting, but that wasn’t available to us “way back when.”

Whether you are interested in becoming a designer or enjoy crocheting as a pleasurable pastime, I hope you will visit often as my site grows and content is added. There will be tips and tricks, articles and new free patterns and much, much more. I’ll also be adding some of the more important content from my previous blog to keep things together.

Until next time, happy crocheting!




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